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Guitar • Piano • Voice Drums • Bass • Banjo • Ukulele • Songwriting • Recording/Production

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Songwriting Summer Camp

Now serving over 50 families in
Cold Spring, NY and online!

Enrollment is now open for our Songwriting Summer Camp! Write, record and perform an
original song with your new band. Open to kids age 6-12.

We have VERY few spots left - please let us know soon if you are interested in booking a summer camp week!

I'm interested in summer camp

“My son's had several piano and music teachers over the course of the last two years and we’ve not seen him as excited as he was to go back to Stephen.
It’s really great to hear your kid say every day
“is it time for my music lesson yet?”

-Johnny, Cold Spring

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"My son, 9, loves making music, but he really disliked music class at school and didn't
want to try "real lessons" until we met Stephen. Stephen meets my son where he is musically and makes it fun. Instead of focusing on rote learning and drilling,
he introduces concepts - like songwriting - as a form of conversation.

It becomes a collaboration instead of an adult telling a kid how music "should" be.

Music and making music should be filled with joy and feeling and I am so thrilled that my child gets to have that experience at East Mountain Studio."

-Anne, Cold Spring

Lessons at East Mountain Studio

Guitar • Piano • Voice Drums • Bass • Banjo • Ukulele • Songwriting • Recording/Production

East Mountain Studio nurtures musicians of all ages and levels towards a lifetime of making and enjoying music. We believe in an ears-first approach, focusing on hearing the music and thinking critically before reading and rote memorization. When learning music is joyful, guilt-free, playful and fun - strong technique and ease of practice follow close behind!

At East Mountain Studio we offer private lessons on guitar, piano, voice, bass, ukulele, banjo and drums. Songwriting is an extension of our lessons, and it offers both a way to apply music concepts, and a way for kids (and adults!) to take ownership over the music they're playing and learning.

We are located in Philipstown, and love our Cold Spring community! Interested in lessons with us? We're enrolling now for the 2022-2023 season!

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Why take lessons at East Mountain Studio?

Learn music as a language.

Feel more confident on your instrument. You will start hearing the music! We believe in an "ears before eyes" approach. Yes, we'll be reading music, but there are other essential connections that musicians must learn when they begin speaking the language of music. That starts with listening. And trying new things. And making mistakes. (Which is how you learn... We love mistakes!)

Strong ears lead to better communication, connection and thinking for yourself as a musician.

Start playing right away.

Start learning the basics paired with solid instrument technique so you can start playing the music you love right away. 

We follow our students' musical curiosity, and believe you can build a solid musical foundation in rhythm, harmony, melody and technique no matter the genre! Choosing a song to work on is definitely a team effort.

You can learn so much by playing the music you're actually excited to learn!

Build creative habits.

Looking to take your practice to the next level? We help our students make creativity a part of their routine by building creative habits daily and weekly. Students are also encouraged to approach music head on - it's ok to make mistakes!!

We provide our students with ear training exercises, charts, videos, and everything else they need to succeed on their chosen instrument.

We also encourage students to start writing original songs. Never written a song before? Let us guide you!